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      HC Model unit bag filter absorbs the characteristics from the respective aspects. It is speclaily designed for the dust--removing & purfication in the partial flying-ash spots for various warehouse roofs and bottoms in the cement factories, various matter conveyance equipments and so on. It is of the advanced technologica1 level in the 1980s. Its design hao the multiple forms. lt may be used singly or by the form of a combination of the multi-machines either with large or small blast volume. Its feature is that the vibrating de-ashing swinging device has the strong de-ashing capability with fairly large inlet density (100g/Nm³). Its outlet exhaust density:100mg/Nm³. Its dust-removing efficiency reaches as high as 99.9% with compact structure,small bulk and low height. It is fit for mounting in the factory houses, the equipments,or the indoor installation. It may be applied in the partial flying-ash spots in other trades except the cement works. This plant also furnishes the anti-corrosion and heat-resistant constructions. lt suits the various clients needs.

      二、结构 Structure

      HC model unit bag filter is composed of the following components:
      1.The filter box::including the casing,swage,inner filter type sock,bag hook,access door.
      2.The vibrating de-ashing swinging device::including the swinging motr,link mechanism,pendulum shafletc.
      3.The fan parts:inoluding the air ejectorfan fan,belt drive device,motor,exhaust pipe etc.
      4.lntake & ash exhaust parts: it is divided into three kinds according to the mounted form.
      A Type:lt is connected with an ash-pit and a dump valve in the lower part of the filter box with a prop.The intake opening is in the upper part of the hod.
      B Type:The lower part of the filter box is of the open form.lt acts either as the intake opening or as the ash outlet. There is flange beside the swage.
      C Type:there is a ash storage case in the lower part of the filter box. An intake opening has been set in the upper part of the ash case.

       三、工作原理The principle of operation
      1.过滤工况:含尘气体由进风口进入灰斗( A式)或灰箱( C式)或直接通过花板孔( B式)不同方式进入滤袋,粗颗粒粉尘由于重力作用和惰性沉降于灰斗、灰箱、仓内,细小粉尘被滤袋阻留于袋壁,净气通过滤袋流向出风管,被抽风机抽出而排入大气。

     1.The filter behaviour:the dust-laden gas enter into the ash-pit (A Type)or the case (C Type)through the intake opening; or directly comes into the filter-bag through the different methods of the swage hole (B type). The thick particle dust drops into the hod, ash case and the store because of the gravity action and the inertance. The thin powder-dust has been blocked by the sook into the sock-wall. The cleas air flows into the off-take pipe through the filter-bag, and being exhausted into the atmosphere by the air extractor.                                                                           

     2.The de-ashing behaviour:Following the implementation of the filter behaviour.the dust blocked in the filter-bag keeps increasing the resistance for the air current pass-through also expands graduallv. When it reaches to certain drag value (e.g1400Pa). it may be manually or automayically controlled according to the needs. First shut off the induced fan,then start the vibrating de-ashing swinging device to shock the socks and execute the de-ashing,make the dust in the bag falling. When the drag decreases to certain value(e.g.1000Pa). it manually or automatically stops the de-ashing,re-starts the air extractor and the dust allayer with bag runs again.

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